[rt-users] Communicating with other RT systems

Bart bart at pleh.info
Tue Oct 11 09:50:40 EDT 2011

Hi again (want to keep the subjects seperate),

We have a situation where one of our suppliers also uses RT, but when either
of us send an e-mail from RT to the other (with the purpose of creating a
new ticket) we don't receive an Autoreply with the ticket number of hte
other side.
The ticket however is created, RT simply doesn't reply.

We believe it's because of the headers that the sending RT system sends
(assumption), mainly these headers are suspect:

Precedence: bulk

We have no idea on where to look. We did however try this option in the
RT_SiteConfig.pm but that didn't seem to change anything (although we might
be wrong about that):

Should RT redistribute correspondence that it identifies as machine
 generated?  A 1 will do so; setting this to 0 will cause no
 such messages to be redistributed.  You can also use 'privileged' (the
 default), which will redistribute only to privileged users. This helps
 to protect against malformed bounces and loops caused by auto-created
 requestors with bogus addresses.


 Set($RedistributeAutoGeneratedMessages, "privileged");

We've set that one to 1 to always redistribute, but it didn't seem to do
much good (so we've set it back to default).

We'd like to solve this, would be nice to know each others ticket number
upon creation ;)

Any ideas?

-- Bart
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