[rt-users] Custom Status 4.0.2

Roedel, Mark MarkRoedel at letu.edu
Tue Oct 11 10:03:33 EDT 2011

Should there be a comma after the closing brace preceding that line?

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Using the sample, my config fails to load - it says it fails on line 98 which would correspond with the "defaults => {" line (notice the S on defaults, not the "default" line).

This example was found @ http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/CustomStatusesInRt4 so either the wiki is wrong, I read and implemented something wrong or my sample is wrong....



default => {
        initial => [ 'new' ],
        active  => [ 'open', 'ABC', 'At_Client', 'ABC-E', 'Developing', 'stalled' ],
        inactive => [ 'resolved', 'rejected', 'deleted' ],

defaults => {
        on_create => 'new',
        on_merge  => 'resolved',
        approved  => 'open',
        denied    => 'rejected',


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