[rt-users] Queue permission to allow people to see their own tickets but no one else's

Thomas Smith theitsmith at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 16:54:56 EDT 2011


I'd like to setup a queue so that people can see that queue listed in
the "Quick search" box on the "RT at a glance" page but only allow
them to see tickets that apply to them--i.e. tickets that they own or
are listed as Requestor, CC or AdminCC on.

I know the permissions for allowing them to view ticket summaries
based on their relationship to the ticket, but I'm stuck on
restricting what they can see within the queue (when they have
permissions to view the queue in the "Quick search" box [I believe
ShowTicket allows the queue to be listed in "Quick search", but that
gives users the ability to see _every_ ticket in the queue).

Is it possible to put this type of security in place? I searched the
wiki and didn't find anything specific to this situation.

~ Tom

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