[rt-users] Can't select user at the page Global User Rights

Aline Guedes aline.guedes at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 11:12:17 EDT 2011


I am using RT 4.0.2 and when I go to Tools -> Configuration -> Global ->
User Rights and click on an user, it seems like the page is not updated -
the name of the user doesn't show as selected (doesn't become bold) and the
tables with the user rights doesn't change either. The name of the first
user in the page is always in bold though.

Note that the page at Tools -> Configuration -> Global -> Group Rights work
just fine - it gets updated correctly after I click on a different group
(and it seems to use the same script as the user rights page).

Is this a bug or maybe something wrong on my side? Please advise.

Best regards,
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