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Peter Nugent peter.nugent at hetg.ie
Mon Oct 17 09:31:13 EDT 2011



I’m running RT 3.8.7 on Ubuntu 10.04 and trying to get the QuickUpdate extension functional. I know I’m running an old version of RT but would prefer to stay with it until I’m 100% comfortable with how everything works.


I’ve installed the QuickUpdate extension from git as I couldn’t find it on cpan.


To install I did the following

1.       Downloaded from https://github.com/bestpractical/rt-extension-quickupdate/tarball/master 

2.       Unzipped and Untared the download

3.       Followed Readme and executed as root

a.       ‘RTHOME= /usr/share/request-tracker3.8 perl MakeFile.PL

b.      Make install

c.       Edited My RT_SiteConfig.pm to include RT::Extension::QuickUpdate (I’ve other extensions installed and running ok)

d.      I wasn’t sure where the mason cache was so I backed up and cleared  /var/cache/request-tracker3.8/mason_data/obj/

e.      Restarted Apache service

4.       Opened a ticket summary but no Quick Update box appears 


Sorry if it’s a noobie question but where do I begin to troubleshoot this. 

I can see RT::Extension::QuickUpdate v0.01; under loaded perl modules under Tools and System Configuration.


Also the following directory tree was created









My other extensions also have directory trees under /var/cache/request-tracker3.8/mason_data/obj/2186859745/ but RT-Extension-QuickUpdate is missing? 


Any pointers would be greatly appreciated guys!





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