[rt-users] timer/escalation/mail reminders (untouchedin script)

Mayk Backus backus at nlcom.nl
Mon Oct 17 11:34:27 EDT 2011

Hi List,

I'm new to RT, and i've spend a lot of time trying to get a feature 
working i'm used to having in otrs.

We need several queues in RT, each queue needs to notify "queue members" 
when a ticket has gone by N amount of time without being worked on. 
Searching around i found the untouchedin script on the wiki. Trying 
several versions of the script, but all of them run into the same 
problem. rt-cron runs ok for others jobs, but when i run it for the 
untouchedin script it fails on : "Failed to load module 
RT::Condition::UntouchedInHours. (Can't locate RT/I18N/en_us.pm" . I 
checked the posting not having the complete script, trying the version 
suggested but to no avail.

Having a look on a second system, pulling RT out of the ubuntu repo's , 
i see the I18N directory containing more files, but not the en_us.pm file.

Trying to create workarounds with a script upping the priority , and a 
second rt-cron checking tickets with priorit higher then N commenting 
with a custom template works, kinda-ish.. The drawback here is that the 
ticketresponder needs to manually set back the priority to avoid being 
hit up by an e-mail notification he's not responding to fast.

To me, the untouchedin script could do the trick, since (the way i 
understand i should work, but then agian, i'm a noob) it calculates the 
time since last response and the time the script is run. If a 
ticketresponder updates the ticket, the script does nothing.

Can someone please point me in a direction to a sollution, i'm lost at 
the moment.
My RT Version is 4.0.2 , running Ubuntu 10.04.

Thank you in advance.


Mayk Backus

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