[rt-users] Old Email/RT user accounts and SMTP nofication... Emails go to NeverNeverLand?

Andy GOKTAS andy.goktas at state.or.us
Mon Oct 17 17:38:41 EDT 2011


I was curious where emails that don't exist go when RT attempt to send an SMTP notification to an email that no longer exists (but is still left over email address of an old ticket that is updated - i.e.: old/deleted RT user was a "Requestor" of a ticket)?  

We have had old employees that have been left and are curious if that's what may be slowing down our RT server (maybe bad emails are re-queuing up for re-sending).  

I guess my question is:  How does RT handle bad emails?  Does it re-try?  Does it have any intelligence built in to delete future sending to a bad email (but still on tickets as "Requestor" or "Owner")?  

Andy Goktas

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