[rt-users] Private Groups in RT v4.0.x or equivalent?

Carlos Garcia Montoro cgarcia at ific.uv.es
Wed Oct 26 06:30:20 EDT 2011

As far as I know, I have never seen something like "private" groups 
since we began using RT with version 3.8.x On the other hand you have 
groups in which you can add the users you want.

I would advice you to create a group with proper privileges and to add 
in this group the users you need, instead of create a generic user and 
spread credentials. If you do what you propose, you cannot know who has 
done what, and every time you need to remove a user from this generic 
group, you will need to change its password and distribute the new one 
to all the users.

Hope this helps. Regards,

David escribió:
> Hi, I have a group of staff in a department that want to collaborate 
> on some ticket(s) resolution. I was going to add a generic user, 
> create a private group and add the particular staff to that private 
> group. Ownership of any tickets that are going to be collaborated on 
> would be given to the generic user. But I can't find private groups in 
> the new install of RT 4.0.2. Until very recently we have been using 
> 3.6 so I've lost my way.
> Is there a better method than the one I was going to use? I'm guessing 
> that private groups has been depreciated in RT v4, if so is there an 
> equivalent?
> Thanks.
> David.
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