[rt-users] expanding TNEF's

Matt Sturtz rt-users at matthouse.com
Wed Oct 26 19:54:28 EDT 2011


I have an RT-3.8.10 with two queues, behind Exchange 2010.  On the
Exchange side, each queue is set up as a "contact", which forwards over to
the RT box.  /etc/aliases has the typical call to "|rt-mailgate --queue
QUEUENAME --action correspond --url http://rt/" for each queue.

One of the queues accepts and deals with attachments just fine, and that
queue has existed on RT for many years, through several versions.  The
other queue, which is pretty new, does not accept attachments -- by that I
mean the only thing in the ticket is a winmail.dat file.

As far as I can tell, they are configured the same way, both on Exchange
and on RT -- but its entirely possible I'm missing something, as I
wouldn't call myself a subject matter expert on either one.

Using Google, I found several links where people had similar problems. 
One solution I found was to put a call to /usr/bin/tnef in the pipeline in
front of rt-mailgate.  smrsh didn't like that, even though I did install
tnef and symlink it in /etc/smrsh (the error indicates that smrsh doesn't
like more than one pipe).  In any case, that didn't seem to apply, since
only ONE of my queues is having this problem, and the other works.

On the RT wiki, I searched for "tnef" and "winmail.dat", and found nothing.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated...


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