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Greenberg, Joshua L Joshua.Greenberg at constellation.com
Thu Oct 27 11:21:19 EDT 2011

Any suggestions on this? Thanks.


Of course. No problem. Answers below.

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Few questions on your setup:

 *   On what OS have you installed RT?

 *   Which installation steps did you take? (e.g. did you do the testdeps/fixdeps thingy?)
Yes, did that. I had some issues with that, though. Testdeps said everything was fine but I still couldn't get the web page to display. After researching some, I ran the command `perl RT_HOME/sbin/rt-test-dependencies -with-mysql -with-modperl2`. This returned a lot of errors with missing perl modules. The strange thing was that it was looking in /usr/lib at the yum installed perl for the libraries but I used a /usr/local/{bin,lib} version that I'd installed myself. After some consideration, I think this is because it was looking for missing modules for the apache/mod_perl/mysql installs and they probably point to /usr/bin/perl. I installed the missing modules by hand and was able to get a login screen.

 *   Are you using Apache to serve RT?

 *   Can I assuming you've used the RT documentation for the apache vhost configuration?
Yes but I added the line 'Alias /rt /opt/rt3/share/html'

 *   What do the logs say? (assuming it's some flavor of Unix /var/log/)
I'm not seeing anything in the logs about this.

 *   Have you checked the permissions on the RT folders? (along with user/group ownerships)
Yes but not sure what they should be. They are mostly set to root but I recursively changed ownership on the share directory to apache.
Something like that at least, we need a little more info in order to help :-)

Thanks for the response!

-- Bart
2011/10/24 Greenberg, Joshua L <Joshua.Greenberg at constellation.com<mailto:Joshua.Greenberg at constellation.com>>
I'm installing RT 3.8.10. I have to use this version because I'm installing RTIR and that doesn't support RT 4 yet. I think everything is set up correctly but when I login for the first time (user name 'root', password 'password') it displays the text of the file RT_HOME/NoAuth/Login.html. Let me know what information you need from me to help troubleshoot this. I've made very few changes to the RT_SiteConfig file, only the $rtname, $Organization, $DatabasePassword and $OwnerEmail variables. Thanks.


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