[rt-users] Queue rename issues

Steffan Vigano svigano at squaw.com
Wed Aug 1 20:33:46 EDT 2012


Trolling through the list archives it seemed pretty clear that many
people have renamed queues without issue.  Not so for us.  Most of the
system recognizes that the name has changed but some areas still show
the old name.  Primarily the old queue name still shows up in all the
drop down menus  (New Ticket In,  Search lists, etc).    I've restarted
Apache to clear out any cache, but we're still seeing them.   The queue
was in use with a handful of tickets and all those tickets show the new
name.   The only things I changed were the queue name within TOOLS >
CONFIG > QUEUES and I adjusted the mailgate sendmail entry.    Am I
missing something?

  FreeBSD  8.2-RELEASE
  RT 4.0.1
  Apache 2.2.19


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