[rt-users] rt-mailgate fallback

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at obspm.fr
Tue Dec 4 04:12:41 EST 2012


I would like to known if they are any solution to have a fallback solution
about rt-mailgate with procmail.

Actually I've something like in the .procmailrc 

	# Spam
	:0:                             # spam
	* ^X-Spam-Status: YES*
	! humain.address
	|/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue Support --action correspond --url https://ULR_OF_RT

the problem is sometime the RT website is down (power failure) and in that
case the mail is lost. 

How can I tell rt-mailgate (or procmail) to send the mail to humain.address only if the rt-mailgate failed



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