[rt-users] Plugin install in RT4 / Debian Squeeze

Ruslan Zakirov ruz at bestpractical.com
Fri Dec 14 14:53:48 EST 2012

On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 8:14 PM, Dominic Hargreaves
<dominic.hargreaves at it.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 05:01:17PM +0100, Patrick G. Stoesser wrote:
>> Hello there,
>> I have a RT4 system running on Debian Squueze, installed via
>> Backports according to the install howto. So far, everything works
>> fine, but when it comes to plugins, the hassle begins.
>> I tried to get several plugins to work without success. As an
>> example, I will focus on the Calendar plugin here.
>> I installed the plugin via perl makefile.pl, make, make install
>> which worked fine. The installation routine asked me for the path to
>> RT.pm. which in my case was /usr/share/request-tracker4/lib.
>> After adding
>> # Plugins
>> Set(@Plugins,(qw(RTx::Calendar)));
>> # Calendar Plugin
>> Set($HomepageComponents, [qw(QuickCreate Quicksearch MyCalendar
>>      MyAdminQueues MySupportQueues MyReminders RefreshHomepage)]);
>> in a separate file in RT_SiteConfig.d and updating via
>> update-rt-siteconfig-4 and restarting Apache, the Calendar plugin
>> was loaded and could be chosen in the frontend.
>> The problem begins now: As soon as chosen to being displayed, in the
>> frontend an error occures:
>> "An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more
>> details in RT's log files"
>> Well, the log says
>>  [error]: could not find component for path 'MyCalendar'
>> (/usr/share/request-tracker4/lib/RT/Interface/Web/Handler.pm:209)
>> and now I'm stuck as the accprding line says nothing to me. Has
>> anybody dealed with the same issue?
> The local plugin path on Debian is
> /usr/local/share/request-tracker4/plugins. You may need to tweak
> the plugin Makefile.PL if it's not installing there.
> This is a weak area of the Debian packaging of RT (since we assume
> that you only install plugins from Debian packages). I'm not sure
> if it can be fixed in a generic way OTTOMH.

In theory Module::Install::RTx should figure out correct path if you
setup RTHOME env properly. If it's not the case then we should do
something about that.

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