[rt-users] Reply to requestors not sending emails

Martin Wheldon martin.wheldon at greenhills-it.co.uk
Thu Dec 20 04:17:10 EST 2012


I'm not 100% sure about your question, but if you are asking if you can 
update a ticket
without sending a reply to the requestor? Then all you need to do is 
select the Comment action and leave
the update type set to Comments (Not sent to requestors).

If I have miss understood your question please send further details on 
what you are trying to achieve.

Best Regards


On 2012-12-19 19:56, charlycr74 at yahoo.com.ar wrote:
> Hi,
> As far as I know RT should send an email to the requestor when Reply
> is chosen as an Action or "Comment"and then "Reply to requestor" is
> chosen.
> This is not my case, if I create a new Scrips with "Send an email on
> Comment" work perfectly, but sometimes I don't want to send 
> everything
> to the requestor, just replying to it.
> Do I have to create a specific Scrip for it or it comes by default?
> I'm using RT 4.0.8.
> Thank you.
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