[rt-users] Can't call method "id" on unblessed reference - please help

Eugene Panich eugene.panich at almalence.com
Wed Dec 26 20:48:27 EST 2012

Hi Thomas,

Thanks, you are right - cPanel is running on the same host.

How do I make RT using a separate perl build? I'm running RT via


> Ten to one cPanel is running on the same host.  Recent updates to cPanel
> modify a core Perl library, changing standard behaviour to something
> non-standard.  This breaks many other software packages which rely on
> the standard behaviour, including RT.

> We have an open ticket about this
> <http://issues.bestpractical.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=21765> but it
> really isn't our bug, it's cPanel's.

> As a workaround for cPanel's non-standard patching of your system perl,
> I'd suggest building your own perl install just for RT to use.  It will
> then be isolated from cPanel changes breaking it.  A common place is to
> install the perl for RT under /opt/rt4/perl/.  You can use perlbrew
> <http://perlbrew.pl/> to build perl for you.

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