[rt-users] RES: Re: RES: Sphinx fulltext index v4.0.4

Jeff Blaine jblaine at kickflop.net
Thu Jan 12 12:05:50 EST 2012

On 1/12/2012 9:46 AM, Luciano Ernesto da Silva wrote:
> Tarek,
> I already tried migrate from Mysql 5.1 to postgreSQL 9.1 but I had
> some problems quith some charset. Some records in Attachments table
> (from users that send an email in 8859-1) don't get converted to utf8
> and I get the strange character with letter I with acute, like "í
> "looking to "Â "(there's a space after Â, hidden or not). I don't
> know fix that, do you know any way to do that? I even used sed
> command, but it don't remove the space or whatever this is.

We had the same problem.

This worked perfectly for us in the end, though we went to
PostgreSQL 8.4.9 as provided by RHEL 6.x


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