[rt-users] attachment improvements

Christian Loos cloos at netsandbox.de
Sun Jan 22 09:57:30 EST 2012


can you please send your changes for 1. Attachment forward.
I also have to implement this for your company RT (3.8.6) within the
next weeks and would implement this in our internal RT plugin or would
release a separate plugin on github.com for this change if it would be
ok for you.



Am 21.01.2012 15:52, schrieb BÁLINT Bekény:
> 1. Attachment forward: previously attached files are listed on
> Update.html and you can check them to attach to the outgoing mail. (I
> don't understand why this kind of feature isn't in vanilla RT. Everybody
> downloads and then reuploads attachments if he or she wants to send it
> to an email address?).

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