[rt-users] attachment improvements

Ruslan Zakirov ruz at bestpractical.com
Mon Jan 23 08:48:16 EST 2012

2012/1/23 BÁLINT Bekény <balint.bekeny at docca.hu>:
>> > Patch for master branch is attached.
>> > IMPORTANT: I'm unable to test it but I hope it works well on this
>> > branch.
>> Slightly misguided you. Mentioned change is not yet on master, it's in
>> 4.2/web-attachs-processing branch. Took a look at the changes. Looks
>> good and simple.
> I think patch for this branch is more simple because it is not require to
> modify Create.html, etc. pages only the ProcessAttachments function in
> Web.pm.
> Should I create a patch for this branch also?

If you have cycles and want to see this code merged then rebase your
changes over mentioned branch and generate pull request. This will
make our job much easier. If you don't have cycles then create a
ticket in the bug tracker with reference to this thread.

> --
> Bekeny
> Docca OutSource IT Ltd.

Best regards, Ruslan.

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