[rt-users] Various 4.0.4 settings do nothing for me

Jeff Blaine jblaine at kickflop.net
Tue Jan 24 16:34:07 EST 2012

>> "notify me of unread messages" : NO
>> Message list still shows as grey/black depending on read status
> What "message list"?  You mean a list of tickets?  "grey/black"?  I
> think you're seeing normal link styles (visited, not visited), not RT's
> unread message notification, which shows up at the top of ticket display
> pages.  Send a screenshot if you think you're seeing something else.
> It would be cute to use link styles to indicate read/unread...

Indeed, I think you're right that it's merely visited
link styling vs. not visited.  It didn't exist in our
ancient RT.

We find it really obnoxious, as it creates a false sense
of ticket priority (where the visited tickets fade into
the background more visually, because they're grey).
Unread tickets, in black, jump out loudly in the sea of
of my other much higher priority (to me) tickets.

BLACK: "I'm getting a new Linux box in 2 weeks, please
        set it up"

grey:  "The datacenter caught fire last night."

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