[rt-users] RT-to-RT communication

Alek Cesarz alekreg at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 01:50:53 EST 2012

first of all: hello to everyone, especially old friends: Jesse and Ruslan.
it has been almost 10 years since I played with RT for the last time! ((-:
I am amazed how many changes were implemented - great job!

unfortunately I run into some problem with fresh installation of 4.0.4,
and maybe some RT user can help me out.
my RT instance receives emails both from regular user and other RT
instances (customer's). when ticket is opened by regular user every
scrip works as expected, autoreply and notifications are sent. when the
ticket is opened by ticket from other RT - no autoreply is sent.
I checked debug logs - it shows that all scrips are run, but no email is
1. could somebody point me to piece of documentation which talks about
logic of system when dealing with RT tags and subject fields generated
by other RT instance?
2. did I miss something and there is an obvious reason for this behaviour?

best regards,
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