[rt-users] Reporting SPAM From Within RT

Tim Gustafson tjg at soe.ucsc.edu
Mon Jul 30 13:49:45 EDT 2012


One problem that I have fairly regularly is that SPAM makes its way
into my RT tickets.

I run SpamAssassin on my RT box, so I was thinking that it should be
easy-ish to connect RT to SpamAssassin's Bayesian learner to help weed
these messages out in the future.

I came across RT::Extension::ReportSpam but it seems that it is written for 3.6.

Does anyone have that module working in 4.x?  Does it integrate with
SpamAssassin, or does it handle SPAM some otherway?

If that module does not work with SpamAssassin, how hard would it be
to connect RT to SpamAssassin?


Tim Gustafson
tjg at soe.ucsc.edu
Baskin Engineering, Room 313A

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