[rt-users] Reporting SPAM From Within RT

ktm at rice.edu ktm at rice.edu
Mon Jul 30 14:00:18 EDT 2012

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 10:49:45AM -0700, Tim Gustafson wrote:
> Hi,
> One problem that I have fairly regularly is that SPAM makes its way
> into my RT tickets.
> I run SpamAssassin on my RT box, so I was thinking that it should be
> easy-ish to connect RT to SpamAssassin's Bayesian learner to help weed
> these messages out in the future.
> I came across RT::Extension::ReportSpam but it seems that it is written for 3.6.
> Does anyone have that module working in 4.x?  Does it integrate with
> SpamAssassin, or does it handle SPAM some otherway?
> If that module does not work with SpamAssassin, how hard would it be
> to connect RT to SpamAssassin?
> -- 
> Tim Gustafson
> tjg at soe.ucsc.edu
> 831-459-5354
> Baskin Engineering, Room 313A

Hi Tim,

We put DSPAM in front of our RT instances. Then if a spam message makes
it into the system, we make the ticket status Rejected and that triggers
a retrain within the DSPAM system. Maybe something like that would work
for you.


PS What is your Spamassassin Bayesian accuracy? DSPAM always seemed much
more accurate in our situations.

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