[rt-users] Help with Rich Text Editor

Alex Rhys-Hurn alex at itworx.co.ke
Sun Jun 3 06:23:14 EDT 2012

Hi Folks, 

I am following this: http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/AddRichTextEditorToCustomField 

I first installed a brand new clean RT 4.0.5 instance on a new ubuntu 10.04 tunrkeylinux server. The procedure above worked perfectly, and now I have rich-text editing in my Articles. Thats my objective. 

So, I decided to deploy that on my production RT 4.0.2 instance. It doesnt work. 

I cannot get the CKEditor type box in my production setup. 

I have even upgraded RT to the same 4.0.5 version as the devel. box. 

So, each box has idenctical OS. MYSQL and RT installations. Why does this not work and how can I troubleshoot this? 

Help appreciated, many thanks, 



Alex Rhys-Hur n | ITworX Limited 
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Web: www.itworx.co.ke 

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