[rt-users] 2 serious errors since I upgraded this morning to 3.8.8-7+squeeze3

Nicolas GUIOT nicolas.guiot at risc-group.com
Mon Jun 4 11:23:32 EDT 2012


Since my distrib has published the security patch for 3.8.8, I decided to apply it this morning.

Since then, I have the following error : 

in rt.log : 

[Mon Jun  4 14:32:43 2012] [crit]: Apache2::RequestIO::rflush: (103) Software caused connection abort at /usr/share/perl5/HTML/Mason/ApacheHandler.pm line 1026 (/usr/share/request-tracker3.8/libexec/webmux.pl:92)

in exim (mailer) mainlog : 

2012-06-04 17:08:46 1SbYti-0007sf-Dg == |/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue support-test  --action correspond --url https://example.org/ <support-test at example.org> R=system_aliases T=address_pipe defer (0): Child process of address_pipe transport returned 75 (could mean temporary error) from command: /usr/bin/rt-mailgate

I can take existanig tickets, for example, but when trying to send an email to create a new ticket, I have this error message.
# dpkg -l |grep request
http requests
ii  request-tracker3.8                 3.8.8-7+squeeze3             extensible trouble-ticket tracking system
ii  rt3.8-apache2                      3.8.8-7+squeeze3             Apache 2 specific files for request-tracker3.8
ii  rt3.8-clients                      3.8.8-7+squeeze3             mail gateway and command-line interface to request-tracker3.8
ii  rt3.8-db-mysql                     3.8.8-7+squeeze3             MySQL database backend for request-tracker3.8
rc  rt3.8-db-sqlite                    3.8.8-6                      SQLite database backend for request-tracker3.8

# dpkg -l |grep apach
ii  apache2                            2.2.16-6+squeeze7            Apache HTTP Server metapackage
ii  apache2-mpm-worker                 2.2.16-6+squeeze7            Apache HTTP Server - high speed threaded model
ii  apache2-utils                      2.2.16-6+squeeze7            utility programs for webservers
ii  apache2.2-bin                      2.2.16-6+squeeze7            Apache HTTP Server common binary files
ii  apache2.2-common                   2.2.16-6+squeeze7            Apache HTTP Server common files
ii  libapache-dbi-perl                 1.08-1                       Connect apache server to database via perl's DBI
ii  libapache-session-perl             1.87-1                       Perl modules for keeping persistent user data across http requests
ii  libapache2-mod-perl2               2.0.4-7                      Integration of perl with the Apache2 web server
ii  libapache2-reload-perl             0.10-2                       Reload Perl modules when changed on disk
ii  rt3.8-apache2                      3.8.8-7+squeeze3             Apache 2 specific files for request-tracker3.8

I don't know where to search, and more important, where to correct...

Thanks in advance for your help

Nicolas GUIOT

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