[rt-users] Some questions, a few oddities, and some must-haves...

Glenn E. Sieb gsieb at efashionsolutions.com
Mon Jun 4 16:29:01 EDT 2012

Herro (decided since I'm actually doing this for *work*, I would 
actually post from *work*'s email, since I have little-to-no time to 
read my own mail at home lately)!

Hey everyone! Running Centos 5.8, RT v4.0.5, Perl 5.8.8, Apache 2.2.3, 
MySQL 5.5.21.

Some questions:

1) Can I get a spellchecker to work in 4.0.5? We're setting this up for 
some people here who require a spell checker, and Firefox/Chrome's 
built-in will *not* work with RT's ticket body boxes. :-/ If this is 
possible, is there a howto? I've read the wiki, but they all seem to be 
for 3.x.x, not 4.

2) Is there an extension that lets me define a signature for separate 
queues? (It can be only per queue, it doesn't have to be per-user.) So, 
a signature that all emails going out from queueA get, queueB has it's 
own, queueC it's own, etc.

Some concerns:

3) I run RT 4.0.5 on my home server, and have since version 2. I set up 
4.0.5 here at work, and I noticed some oddities. The submenu disappears 
on submission of a form. (Screen captures are here: 
http://www.wingfoot.org/gallery/v/Glenn/ges-misc/RT/, pink is the work 
site, brown is the home server) Needless to say, my users are not liking 
this, and really, I'm finding it odd.

4) Possibly related to #3, when I go to Tickets/New Search, I'll fill 
out the criteria area, and hit "Add these terms and search".. blank 
results. Every time. And no submenu. (So the menu under the "New Ticket 
in" button that says "Edit Search" etc.) If I put the criteria in as 
"Add these terms" then click "Show results" in the submenu, I get 
results. Occasionally, I get the submenu. Oddness. :-/

As always,

Thank you in advance!

(Aside: Jesse--are there going to be any more RT training sessions in 
the Northeast US in the near future?)

Glenn E. Sieb
System Administrator
+1 201 809-4958

80 Enterprise Avenue South
Secaucus, NJ 07094

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