[rt-users] RT4.0.5: Extra Carriage Returns

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Wed Jun 6 12:45:46 EDT 2012

We are using RT 4.0.5.   Been seeing this issue since 3.8.

I send an email to RT using plain text (Using Outlook).  Body is as follows:

1<single carriage return>
2<single carriage return>
3<single carriage return>
4<single carriage return>

Owner of ticket replies via email (plain text) and this is what is displayed in RT web interface:

RT-Message-ID: <rt-4.0.5-20393-1338999797-1708.19249-0-0 at rt.asdf.com>
Content-Length: 707


The email I get in Outlook looks like this (in RT it looks fine):

1<double carriage return>

2<double carriage return>

3<double carriage return>

4<double carriage return>

If I reply back RT will now have the double CR.  If ticket owner replies I will see triple CR's.  Rinse repeat and the CR's grow and grow.

I have queried the list and found a previous patch that requires the X-Mailer header.   New versions Exchange do not send X-Mailer.   We changed EmailerParser.pm to force all messages through the RescueOutlook code.   Unfortunately it did not fix anything.

Any ideas what might be causing this?  


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