[rt-users] R: R: ModifySelf RT-4.0.5

Gibilisco Davide Davide.Gibilisco at bhuman.it
Tue Jun 12 10:39:10 EDT 2012

>> I wrote the following request a few days ago.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions?
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>> Hi there,
>> I had grant user with ModifySelf in global section.
>> But, when user is logged in he can’t show Preferences tab. 
>> I spent a lot of time looking for it without success.
>Does the user use the self service interface or the normal privileged interface?
>In RT 4 click on "Settings" under the "Logged in as ..." menu.

The user has normal privilege on interface, he's has also FULL right.
But Prefereces is not visible on "Settings" under the "Logged in as ..." menu.
I'm looking for a function that allows the user to share his tickets when he is in "out of office"


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