[rt-users] Time off by several hours

Jaime Kikpole jkikpole at cairodurham.org
Thu Jun 14 09:57:08 EDT 2012

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 9:10 AM, Thomas Sibley <trs at bestpractical.com> wrote:
> This is almost certainly because a) your user doesn't have a timezone
> set and your default is UTC, or b) your user has an incorrect timezone
> preference set.

Our email system is Google Apps for Education, so our email is
effectively Gmail.  Is there a known issue with that and RT?  I
wouldn't normally ask, but I figured someone here might be using

I'm attaching a screen shot of the only config in Google Apps that
seems related to timezones.

>> Did I miss a setting in RT_SiteConfig.pm?
> $Timezone?

atlas:jkikpole>grep [tT]ime[Zz]one /usr/local/etc/rt40/RT_Config.pm |grep Set
Set($Timezone, "US/Eastern");
dates and time are not representative. Set C<$ChartsTimezonesInDB> to 1
Set($ChartsTimezonesInDB, 0);
atlas:jkikpole>grep [tT]ime[Zz]one
/usr/local/etc/rt40/RT_SiteConfig.pm |grep Set
Set($ChartsTimezonesInDB, 1);


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