[rt-users] Custom fields on transactions

Robert Wysocki robert.wysocki at contium.pl
Fri Jun 15 02:35:01 EDT 2012

Dnia 2012-06-14, czw o godzinie 07:50 -0400, Jaime Kikpole pisze:
> I've been using RT with various custom fields for years, but now its
> time to re-model those custom fields a bit.  I thought that at least
> one of them, namely "Work By" (which includes a list of which
> technicians worked on the ticket), should get moved to the transaction
> level (vs. applying to the ticket) so that it would be easier to make
> data entries.
> Currently, I have to search for all resolved tickets and then read
> them and then apply the correct names.  This is cumbersome.  So my
> hope is that al the techs could just tag their own name (and the names
> of anyone who helped them) whenever they made a comment or reply on
> the ticket.
> So I started playing with a new custom field named "test" to see if
> this would work.  It seems OK for entering data, but I haven't found a
> way to search based on that custom field.
> Did I miss something?  Are custom fields on transactions just not very
> useful?  What kinds of goals should they be used to meet?
> Any advise is appreciated.

I don't get it. Anyone, who worked on the ticket should leave a
comment/reply, so you can obtain the list of people who worked on a
ticket by parsing ticket transactions.
Therefore your CF is redundunt to built-in functionality and according
to Occam's razor you just shouldn't use it.

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