[rt-users] Custom fields on transactions

Jaime Kikpole jkikpole at cairodurham.org
Fri Jun 15 06:29:48 EDT 2012

On Jun 15, 2012, at 2:35 AM, Robert Wysocki <robert.wysocki at contium.pl> wrote:

> Anyone, who worked on the ticket should leave a
> comment/reply, so you can obtain the list of people who worked on a
> ticket by parsing ticket transactions.

Is there a way to get a list of tickets based on who left comments?  I didn't see that in the search or chart features in the GUI.  If that does exist, that would definitely be preferable.  I've been looking for that in every version of RT since 2.0.x.

> Therefore your CF is redundunt to built-in functionality and according
> to Occam's razor you just shouldn't use it.

I'll agree that it's redundant if this functionality exists in the GUI, but I haven't found it.


P.S. - As a side note, you might want to double check the definition of Occam's Razor.  You seem to be using a common misinterpretation.

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