[rt-users] Cannot send emails

Josh Hopkins josh at prorivertech.com
Wed Jun 20 21:15:53 EDT 2012

I have set both of the $CorrespondAddress and the $CommentAddress.  But when I watch the mail logs I see:

   "2012-06-20 18:30:19.993009500 info msg 9789329: bytes 1040 from <anonymous at .> qp 19311 uid 48"

Every email it sends is trying to be sent via anonymous at . Instead of support at mydomain.com<mailto:support at mydomain.com>.  I have restarted apache and even restarted the server nothing seem to be working.  I have tested sending emails via test scripts and they seem to be working just fine.  Any ideas and where the anonymous at . setting might be?  Thanks,

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