[rt-users] Unwanted extra Requestor added

David T. Grayston davidtg at u.washington.edu
Wed Jun 27 14:02:34 EDT 2012


No cc's or other watchers are part of the queue or manually added to the ticket during the requests - I've tested this issue myself and duplicated (and I have 'do anything' perms).

Odd that it doesn't happen from the selfservice/create form only from the RT admin interface for creating a new ticket.

As a workaround I've just been going in and manually removing the extra Requestor from each new ticket. Luckily the unwanted extra Requestor is a testing account that only I have access to...but its still a pain.

I was thinking it could be some corruption in the database - where the account is set as a requestor on the queue but its not showing in the admin ui? But that should mean it would happen regardless of how the ticket was created.


David T. Grayston     Systems & Database Administrator
University of Washington   School of Public Health

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Is the original requestor CC'ing anyone when sending in the ticket? Since RT takes the e-mail to create the requestor maybe it is seeing the additional e-mail addresses and creating multiple requestors that way.

Another thing that I just thought of (not sure if it will help) but you can add a watcher to the ticket or queue and change the type of watcher (i.e. Requestor, admin, cc) might want to look into whether or not this is set or something in your permission's has set something like this to auto add an additional requestor.

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Hi all,

RT: 4.0.5

When a new ticket is created by a privileged user via "../rt/Ticket/Create.html" we're getting an unwanted second requestor automatically added to the ticket. This is happening in all queues and its always the same extra user added as second Requestor.

But this isn't happening when the ticket is created via "../rt/SelfService/Create.html"

The queues don't have any custom scrips and the Create.html isn't modified - so far can't determine why this is happening.

Any help appreciated.

David T. Grayston     Systems & Database Administrator
University of Washington   School of Public Health

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