[rt-users] Unwanted extra Requestor added

David T. Grayston davidtg at u.washington.edu
Wed Jun 27 11:53:38 EDT 2012

Hi all,

RT: 4.0.5

When a new ticket is created by a privileged user via "../rt/Ticket/Create.html" we're getting an unwanted second requestor automatically added to the ticket. This is happening in all queues and its always the same extra user added as second Requestor.

But this isn't happening when the ticket is created via "../rt/SelfService/Create.html"

The queues don't have any custom scrips and the Create.html isn't modified - so far can't determine why this is happening.

Any help appreciated.

David T. Grayston     Systems & Database Administrator
University of Washington   School of Public Health

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