[rt-users] MaxAttachmentSize

Kevin Riggle kevinr at bestpractical.com
Wed Jun 27 15:49:11 EDT 2012

Excerpts from Pedro Albuquerque's message of Tue Jun 26 08:31:15 -0400 2012:
> Hi all,
> I set this on RT_SiteConfig to Set($MaxAttachmentSize, 67634176) to 
> allow users upload files up to 64MB.   # (64MB)
> However, users can upload files bigger than this size (no error and file 
> is in the ticket); the strangest thing is that in the RT interface it 
> shows every file with size bigger than 64MB having 47.7MB of size.

Hi Pedro,

If you're seeing long attachments truncated, that's probably because you
have TruncateLongAttachments set true.  If you would prefer that
attachments larger than the max were dropped, you can set
DropLongAttachments instead.

In either case, there is not a good user-level error message indicating
what went wrong.  I've opened
to track this.

(The base64 thing is a separate issue.)

- KevinR

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