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Hi :-)

I am sure this can be done using RT4 by writing a custom page - but I honestly do not know how…

What I would do is write up a quick external solution and use RT's REST interface to provide the data for each of your columns by "binding" each column to the result of a search in RT (executed using the REST interface) :-) If you want to spend a bit more time this could be a completely flexible solution where you can dynamically add columns / define the layout and look and feel exactly as you like it.

If you would like to discuss details just let me know.

Best regards


Am 29.06.2012 um 15:40 schrieb Nafiesa Allie:

> Good Day
> My company is currently using RT4.
> A number of the latest available job ticketing systems (e.g. Trello) use an approach where the interface is split up into boards that signify the status the job is at, see attached Trello.png.  Would it be possible to customize/enhance RT so that a similar interface be achieved?    
> Our company-specific needs, in terms of the interface, are displayed in the attached RT_Boards_Required.png. We do know how to add more statuses to RT, but would also like the lists for the different states (initial/active/inactive) and statuses to be displayed adjacent to each other across the width of the screen, as in RT_Boards_Required.png. We basically would like to have a complete overview of jobs listed at a glance.  We have experimented with the current dashboard in RT4, but was unable to achieve the same effect.  When setting up a dashboard, the maximum number of lists that can lie adjacent to each other is 2.  It would have been helpful if the panels (body/sidebar) could be re-sized so that more than two lists can appear adjacent to each other.
> I welcome any feedback.
> -- 
> Groete/Regards
> Nafiesa Allie
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