[rt-users] Monthly reports with REST (timeout)

Ignacio Vazquez ivazquez at desdelaconsola.es
Fri Nov 2 04:53:21 EDT 2012

First of all, excuse me, there has been a misunderstanding, I'm
talking about the CLI, nor the REST interface but the question is
still valid.
Diaulas, "-t ticket" is the default:
/opt/rt3/bin/rt help list
 -t type         Specifies the type of object to look for. (The
                    default is "ticket".)

2012/10/31 Diaulas Castro <diaulas.castro at intersolution.inf.br>:
> Just a bet, but try to use "-t ticket" on search.
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> Hi all,
> I've been generating monthly reports with a crontab script that includes a line like this:
> /opt/rt3/bin/rt list "created >= '2012-04-01' AND status != 'rejected'
> AND Queue = 'whatever' AND (owner = 'user1' OR owner = 'user2')" | grep -v "No matching results." | wc -l As you can see, I'm only interested in the total number of tickets.
> I've find out that with a large number of possible results, I get a timeout so 0 tickets are returned.
> However, using the web search, because of the paginated displays, the search is much faster and also the web shows how many items are in the whole list with a line "Found: xxx tickets".
> My intention is still using an automated way to obtain the numbers.
> I've been reading the REST documentation and there is no way to query only for totals.
> Any ideas?
> Ignacio.
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