[rt-users] Monthly reports with REST (timeout)

Ignacio Vazquez ivazquez at desdelaconsola.es
Fri Nov 2 09:44:40 EDT 2012

My solution:
save a session cookie using wget like is explained in

	wget  --keep-session-cookies \
	 --save-cookies cookies.txt \
	 --post-data 'user=UUUU&pass=PPPP' \
	The cookie is saved under "cookies.txt"
Build the desired Search in the web and click on "Show results".
Copy the entire URL and paste in the file "url.txt" (this is for
avoiding problems with escaping characters in further wget usage).
	# wget -qO - --no-check-certificate --load-cookies cookies.txt -i
url.txt |grep -m 1 Found
	<title>Found 25,545 tickets</title>

So, all we need to do now is a script that modifies the date with the
desired date in the url file and send the results via email.


2012/11/2 Ignacio Vazquez <ivazquez at desdelaconsola.es>:
> First of all, excuse me, there has been a misunderstanding, I'm
> talking about the CLI, nor the REST interface but the question is
> still valid.
> Diaulas, "-t ticket" is the default:
> /opt/rt3/bin/rt help list
> ...
>  -t type         Specifies the type of object to look for. (The
>                     default is "ticket".)
> 2012/10/31 Diaulas Castro <diaulas.castro at intersolution.inf.br>:
>> Just a bet, but try to use "-t ticket" on search.
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>> Hi all,
>> I've been generating monthly reports with a crontab script that includes a line like this:
>> /opt/rt3/bin/rt list "created >= '2012-04-01' AND status != 'rejected'
>> AND Queue = 'whatever' AND (owner = 'user1' OR owner = 'user2')" | grep -v "No matching results." | wc -l As you can see, I'm only interested in the total number of tickets.
>> I've find out that with a large number of possible results, I get a timeout so 0 tickets are returned.
>> However, using the web search, because of the paginated displays, the search is much faster and also the web shows how many items are in the whole list with a line "Found: xxx tickets".
>> My intention is still using an automated way to obtain the numbers.
>> I've been reading the REST documentation and there is no way to query only for totals.
>> Any ideas?
>> Ignacio.
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