[rt-users] "Permission denied" error email

Miquel Ruiz self at miquelruiz.net
Fri Nov 2 10:32:05 EDT 2012

Hi all,

We're trying to make RT's mail messages a bit more user-friendly, and we 
have a problem:

When a user that sends mail to a Queue he doesn't have permission for, 
he only recieves a "Permission Denied" mail. Our users are Spanish, so 
we'd like to deliver the message in Spanish and English, with more 
explanatory text on how he or she can contact us.

We've tried to find documentation about how to customize the "Permission 
Denied" error message, but we've only found an unfollowed thread from 
2007 in the rt-users mailing list. All documentation leads to "give the 
user permission", but that isn't what we want (since the user shouldn't 
have permission in the first place).

It would be great if you can point us to the correct piece of 
documentation where show how it can be done (if it exists). If this is 
not possible at the moment, with some hints we could provide a patch (if 
it's a wanted feature).

Thank you very much. Best regards.

Miquel Ruiz

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