[rt-users] RT Migration to new HW and version

Asanka Gunasekera asanka_gunasekera at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 14 00:08:31 EST 2012

Hi, I am running RT 4.0.1rc1 and I want to upgrade this to
the latest in the same time I need to do an upgrade on our HW too and Oracle
10g2. The process that I’m thinking of following would be
1.       Install and configure new RT instant and
2.       Replicate configuration (SLA, LDAP, and any
other that I have done so far)
3.       Backup and Restore the database on this new
4.       Run upgrad scripts (if there is any) for the
Will this work, if not how would I go about achieving this
kind of migration
Thanks and Best Regards
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