[rt-users] RT 4.0.8 still not receiving incoming tickets via email on ubuntu

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Nov 21 04:31:24 EST 2012

On 20 Nov 2012, at 20:41, testwreq wreq <testwreq at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, It was our configuration in sendmail. Once configured correctly, the mail is working.
> I agree with the pitfalls involved using sendmail MTA.
> I would like to know more about fetchmail. What is fetchmail? Do I have to configure sendmail to use fetchmail? 
> We have rt, rt-web, rt-linux, rt-email addresses in exchange. I would prefer mail to be sent directly from anywhere to any of these addresses and vice-a-versa, and the communication recorded in RT.

Since you now have it working with direct transmission of the email from your Exchange server to RT, I'd leave it alone; it's the best solution in general, because it means new messages to tickets will enter RT immediately that Exchange sees them, whereas using fetch mail adds a delay.

Fetchmail is basically just a standard POP or IMAP client which fetches mail (obviously) and inserts it into a local mail transfer agent (i.e. a local copy of sendmail).  This is usually done by people who have no control or influence on the configuration of their mail server, and so can't arrange for delivery to be made directly, and all they have is an account on the mail server from which they can download mail.

So, when using fetchmail, you still have to configure your local sendmail copy to deliver the mail to rt-mailgate correctly, that part doesn't change.  The difference is how the mail gets from your mail server to RT.  With fetchmail, it's periodically downloaded using something like POP or IMAP.  Without fetchmail, it's sent directly to your  RT server's sendmail by SMTP.  fetchmail has to be run from cron every few minutes, so there's always a small delay when using that method before replies to tickets will be seen in RT.


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