[rt-users] Vote for feature workflow

Chris Herrmann chrisherrmann7 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 20:06:43 EST 2012

Hi guys,

Apologies if this is documented somewhere... but has anyone
implemented a "+1" "Like" "Vote" type workflow in RT? Basically I
would like a way of trying to get feedback from users on how important
they thing different things are (using it for a bug tracking system)
and prioritising the ones that they vote for.

Or is there a plugin / extension / etc that can be used for this? I've
had a google and found some references to something called
vote-sidebar back in 2009, but can't find a matching extension

We're currently running 3.8 series but would consider upgrading if
this turned out to be a 4.x only type of thing...



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