[rt-users] Signing by default

Martin Drasar drasar at ics.muni.cz
Mon Oct 1 04:02:07 EDT 2012

On 27.9.2012 18:51, Thomas Sibley wrote:
> On 09/27/2012 01:53 AM, Martin Drasar wrote:
>> when a user responds to a ticket at our site, the message is forwarded
>> to all interested parties and the user's name and email is untouched
>> (i.e. no 'via RT', changed mail or anything else).
> This behaviour is strange.  Why are you setting From: to individual
> email addresses instead of back into RT?

Hi Thomas,

at first we used the 'name via RT <our.rt at addr.es>' and then the 'name
<our.rt at addr.es>' pattern, but in both cases our users were unhappy,
because their addressbooks in mail clients started to grow with
duplicate entries for each involved identity. And as we wanted to keep
the name in the header for clarity, using individual addresses seemed
like the only option.

Each message sent from our RT has its address in the reply-to header and
users learned (almost) not to use reply-all but only reply and
reply-to-conference. So far it is working to (almost) everyone's liking
and the signing and occasional doubling of mails because someone used
reply-all are our only problems.

>> Do you have any idea for clean solution?
> Use a small bit of javascript in a callback to twiddle the Sign checkbox
> on update pages.  Clean customization, no need to hack up core components.

Hmm, that sounds like the most clean solution. The 'AfterGnuPG' callback
is going to be my friend. Thank you for the hint.


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