[rt-users] HTML Emails

Philippe Fremy philippe.fremy at parxglobal.fr
Mon Oct 1 08:39:18 EDT 2012

Ok, I found out a few things :
- Thunberbirds converts html emails to plain text behind my back (this
explains that).
- My template was not used because it was overridden by a queue tempate.

So, I can now send and receive html emails.

Still, a few annoyances remain with RT :

1. when sending a mixed email (html + text), RT displays only the text
part of the message. Is it possible to change that ? I have set
Set($PreferRichText, 1); in SiteConfig but it does not seem to have any
effect on the way messages are displayed. Or it must be overridden
somewhere ?

2. When replying to a text/htlml request, it seems that RT quotes the
html, stripped to plaintext. Is it possible to have full quoting of the
html part of the email ?



On 01/10/2012 12:42, Philippe Fremy wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to set up a full chain of email handling with proper html
> support through RT (v4.0.0) .
> I have read the doc and several wiki entries. I did what is recommended
> and still, it's not working.
> When I send a html email to RT (as a customer), it's received and
> displayed as text/plain.
> Later on, if I reply to this mail using the rich text editor and include
> some markup, the mail is received as plaintext by the customer, with
> html markup. For the reply, my template is looking like this :
> --------------------------------------------------------
> RT-Attach-Message: yes
> Content-Type: text/html
> {$Transaction->Content(Type => 'text/html')}
> <p>
> Très cordialement,
> <p>
> L'équipe support Piaf.
> <p>
> Service client Piaf:<br>
> </ul>
> <hr>
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> It seems that the Content-Type part is ignored...
> cheers,
> Philippe
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