[rt-users] Apache taking up too much CPU

Bhowmik Shah bhowmik at chironinstruments.net
Thu Oct 4 02:46:34 EDT 2012

Hi Guys,

I have a test RT 4.0.4 install from the Ubuntu 12.04 repository. This is
not used intensively and at any give time has about 2 users logged in at
max. My setup is as follows

1) Ubuntu 12.04 with 613MB RAM
2) RT 4.0.4 from the repository with MySQL5 as the database
3) Apache2 running with Worker mpm
4) Currently have 18 users, 15 tickets and 2 queues
5) No plugins installed/enabled for RT
6) Nothing else installed on the system. It is solely used for RT.

The problem I am seeing is that every few hours the Apache2 process starts
taking up 99% CPU. A restart fixes it only to have it happen again in some
time. I've tried a lot of different ways to debug but can't figure out what
is happening.

Any tips or suggestions on how to go about figuring out what is causing
this? Anybody else faced the same issues with this particular version from
the repository? Should I go for a manual install of 4.0.7?

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