[rt-users] Scrip problem (status change)

Kristian Davies kristian.davies at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 05:50:28 EDT 2012

Since upgrading (3.8.2 -> 4.0.6) I've noticed that my scrip's aren't
changing status unless perhaps the requester is the one replying.

Condition: On Correspond
Action:	UserDefined
Template:	Global:Blank
Stage:	TransactionCreate

Custom condition:	
Custom action preparation code:	return 1;
Custom action cleanup code:
my $ticketStatus = $self->TicketObj->Status;

if ( $ticketStatus eq 'reply-pls' )
    if ($self->TransactionObj->IsInbound())
        $self->TicketObj->SetStatus( 'new' );
        return 1;

return undef;

Can you point out the error of my ways....?


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