[rt-users] Determine Requestor Email from Reply-to instead of From

Shane Archer futureal2 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 16:53:31 EDT 2012


I am using RT to pick up website-generated support tickets as well as
incoming emails from the outside world. We are using Amazon SES as a SMTP
provider, and they restrict the "From" header to our own domain, so we are
unable to masquerade the emails as the actual users, and must use the
Reply-to header to store their actual email.

So for example, a generated email might look like:

To: support at company.com
From: "User Name <website at company.com>"
Reply-to: useremail at address.com

In the default configuration it seems that RT reads these tickets as each
requestor being at "website at company.com".

Is there a way to make it take the Reply-to address as the requestor rather
than the From address, if and only if it exists?

If there is no easy configuration option for this, where might I look in
the code to modify this?


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