[rt-users] Incorrect version when building from git repository

John Kelsh jkelsh at netspot.com.au
Sun Oct 7 20:52:25 EDT 2012

On 06/10/2012, at 2:39 AM, Thomas Sibley wrote:
>> It also appears that the tar files available from
>> downloads.bestpratical.com differ significantly than those generated
>> directly through Github, the Github file shares the same
>> "3.9-EXPORTED" version while the best practical file is 4.0.7.
> Github's tarballs are exports of git tags, no more, but that's not our
> release process and they aren't actual releases.  Unfortunately Github
> doesn't let you disable the Download section, which is terribly
> frustrating.  Don't use the Github tarballs.

Ok, so if tags don't relate to releases, how can I obtain a specific release from github?

Currently I do this:

> git clone git://github.com/bestpractical/rt.git /opt/rt4
> cd /opt/rt4
> git checkout rt-4.0.7
> ./configure.ac
> rm -rf autom4te.cache
> ./configure --enable-layout=inplace  --enable-gd  --with-db-type=Pg
> make testdeps
> make install
> apachectl restart

Any advice appreciated.


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