[rt-users] Large Attachments Table

shayne.alone at gmail.com shayne.alone at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 15:06:22 EDT 2012


I have been face with a problem... after 3 years, out attachments table has
been grown over 300GB in size and it's about 15 Million of records.
for performance tuning I Ihad changes it's Table Engine into InnoDB and
configured MySQL as file_peer_table with Dynamic Row format to bring out
the BLOB data out of the caching space and reduction  it's response time.

but I have always a question in my mine! why RT is storing this much
attached objects in BLOG fields?
why it dose not use a separate file system to store file on and just table
it links ( or auto generated name ) on DB?
in such a way, we will have some better ways to backup this much files...
-- features like  snapshots on ZFS

Ali R. Taleghani
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