[rt-users] Object permissions from the command line

Glenn Hope hopega at nics.utk.edu
Mon Oct 15 16:47:45 EDT 2012

I've recently been tasked with setting up an RT instance for a large
organization, such that its queue structure mirrors that of their existing
ticket system. I was able to use the command line interface to easily
create the groups/queues, but I've stalled on setting up the permissions
for the queues - with so many of them, it's going to take hours to click
through the web interface.

The permissions could easily be defined programmatically, but I haven't yet
found a way to manipulate permissions outside of the web interface. In both
the command line and the REST interface, I can view several properties of
each queue, but nothing regarding user/group permissions to that queue. Is
there a way to use either of the alternative interfaces to change
permissions for objects, or will I need to do this by hand in the browser?

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