[rt-users] Object permissions from the command line

Iain Georgeson iain.georgeson at kaust.edu.sa
Sat Oct 20 09:17:50 EDT 2012

On 15 October 2012 23:56, Thomas Sibley <trs at bestpractical.com> wrote:
> You can use the Perl API by calling GrantRight/RevokeRight on the
> RT::Principals you want to grant rights to.  Arguments are the right
> name and the target object on which the right should be granted (for
> your case, likely a loaded RT::Queue or RT::System for global).


Let me add that quite a neat way of managing local rules is with code
in RT_SiteConfig.pm. My instance sets a few aspects of queues
automatically on queue creation (whether that's with the web interface
or commandline or whereever). Skipping a few steps here, but you get
the idea:

* Wrap RT::Queue::Create() in RT/Queue_Local.pm:

ref $RT::PostQueueCreate eq 'CODE' and
    wrap Create => post => sub { $RT::PostQueueCreate->(@_) };

* And then in RT_SiteConfig.pm (again, skipping the boring bits) I have:

Set($PostQueueCreate, sub
    my %args = @_;	# The sub we're wrapping shifts $self, curse it.

    my $newqueue = new RT::Queue($SystemUser);

    # Then you can do stuff like

	(lc($args{Name}). '@'. RT->Config->Get('MailDomain'));

    $my_group->Principal->GrantRight(Object => $newqueue,
					Right  => 'SeeQueue');


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